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A Palette & A Partner – Week 23

Hey Guys,

I am trying my best to get back to business. As some of you know, I was affected by Hurricane Harvey and lost my home and car. I am staying with my parents and working on relocating to a new apartment close by. I will be writing about my experience soon, but unfortunately, I have been with Internet service until yesterday. I have not had the connection to blog or write unless I tote all my equipment to my local Starbucks where, of course, every other blogger in the Houston area is posted up trying to get work done. I promise I will be posting about my experience, my new setup, and my new part-time job very soon.

So, for this week, I have again changed the way I am selecting my palettes. I am going with 4 palettes a week, based out of five categories (High-End, Small High-End, Large Palette, Luxury, Affordable/Drugstore). This week’s selection comes from the Large category (Galaxy Chic), High-End (Laura Mercier Eye-Artist), Small High-End (Cat-Eyes) & Affordable/Drugstore (Olympus Palette). Next week, one of these categories will rotate out and a Luxury Palette will rotate in. I have ALL of my products listed in word documents, including foundations, other eye products, blushes/highlighters, and lip products. What I have decided to do is utilize a website called http://www.wheeldecide.com to randomly select which palettes to use each week. The website allows you to input up to 100 items for free and “spin the wheel” to see which one is selected!!! Nifty idea and great for me. If the website picks a palette I’ve already used, I’ll just spin again. Look forward to a makeup look this week featuring these palettes. I hope everyone has a beautiful week. Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Bougie!

Week 23 Group 
BH Cosmetics – Galaxy Chic

Krisanna Ann Cosmetics – Olympus Palette

Laura Mercier – Eye Artist Palette

Too Faced Cosmetics – Cat Eyes Palette

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A Palette & A Partner – Week 22

Ok guys, I am back at it. I am settled in at my temporary home/location. Look for a post about my Hurricane Harvey experience but in the mean time, I want to get back to my palette rotation. I hope everyone is well and look for a Makeup of the Day look this week. Love & Makeup – Bougie Brie

~Week 22 Group~

~Lorac Unzipped~
~Juvia’s Place – The Saharian~
~Rainforest of the Sea Volume II~

~Morphe 25 A – Copper Spice~

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A Palette & A Partner – Week 21

This week’s group is a little colorful with one palette holding down the classic neutrals position. Over the last twenty-one weeks, I have made adjustments to the weekly palette rotation and I thought I create a system that was usual for me and where palettes would be utilized in a more expeditious and consistent manner. But here’s the thing. I have over 355 palettes and this number is calculated after two rather difficult declutters. I decluttered eyeshadow palettes, lip products. foundations, etc. Becuase I am constantly picking up palettes, the number of unused palettes continues to grow. So new plan!!!! Every month I will choose two palettes to use the entire month and along with those two palettes I will add another 3 as a part of  Weekly Palette Rotations. I am almost finished reading Marie Kondo’s book and I am looking forward to ridding myself of unnecessary things.

Week 21 Rotation!! We have a repeat offender….Syli Style, which didn’t get used last week.
OFRA – Rodeo Drive & Essence Satin Touch – Satin Love
Style Styli – Rainbow Riot
Viseart – Boheme Dream
Wet n Wild – Petal Pusher

Marc Jacobs – Style Icon No. 7 (The Lolita)

NARS – Velvet Matte, Make Up For Ever – Foundation Stick & It Cosmetics – CC Cream in Tan

Essence XXXL Shine Lip Gloss – Big Night Out
Colourpop Ultra Glossy Lip – Wolfie
Colourpop Ultra Glossy Lip – ?
NK Makeup Aqua Lip Color – Gold
NYX  Mega Shine Lip Gloss – Frosted Beige
Wet n Wild Megalast Liquid Lip Color – I Can Bare It

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A Palette & A Partner – Week 20

Last week I mentioned that I was doing a little initial decluttering and getting rid of things in my home, including makeup products, as a precursor to the Kon Mari Method because I am reading “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” by Marie Kondo. This was inspired from many sources, one of which is Kimberly Clark (Click HERE), my two besties Lindsay and Desiree, and an inner desire to declutter my life & my environment. An initial sweep of my makeup collection produced 25 eyeshadow palettes, 6 foundations, and 1 highlighting palette. I figured that if I decluttered my entire house and got rid of things I knew I didn’t want/wasn’t going to use/didn’t really need/could benefit someone else, then that would ease the confusion of what to keep while engaging in the Kon Mari Method. I hope that makes sense. Well, because I got rid of some foundations and eyeshadow, I rediscovered some foundation I love and some eyeshadow palettes that I have not even touched. All of this week’s palettes are new/unused, with the exception of the Lorac Unzipped Gold, which I purchased off of Poshmark and has most definitely been sanitized. Foundations that are being rediscovered and loved again this week come from NARS, Make Up For Ever, and Estee Lauder. The Ultra HD from Make Up For Ever is a tad dark, but I can lighten it up or correct it with powder. My favorite Double Wear by Estee Lauder needs to be used because, well, it’s lonely and NARS Velvet Matte was the first foundation I bought when I found my way back to makeup! Look for the “Makeup of the Day” post for a stunning eye look and flawless foundation!

Week 20 Rotation! 
Rediscovering some FAV’s
Make Up For Ever Ultra HD
Nars Velvet Matte
Estee Lauder Double Wear

Huda Beauty – Textured Shadows Palette in Rose Gold

Lorac Unzipped Gold

Tarte – Tartelette

Styli Style – Rainbow Riot

Makeup Atillier – Amazon

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A Palette & A Partner – Week 19

As much as I try to rotate through my beauty collection, it seems that it’s pointless if I don’t begin to seriously pair down my collection, declutter, and start selling & giving things away. I come home to packages every day and it’s just too much stuff. So, look for an upcoming post on my “Kon Mari Journey” which was inspired by anti-consumerist Kimberly Clark  (click HERE to follow her  Instagram and learn more!). I have already begun to read The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up, and I know this is going to be an interesting journey for me. This week’s group is composed of two unused palettes, one palette that I have already used and two unused cheek & face products!

Week 19 Group!

Urban Decay – Naked Palette

Urban Decay – Naked Smoky Palette

Ciate London – Pretty, Fun, & Fearless Palette
(Collaboration with Chloe Morello)

Styli Style – Lust for Blush
Vintage – By Jessica Liebeskind

Cover Girl – Vitalist Healthy Elixir &
Tarte Hybrid Gel Foundation

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A Palette & A Partner – Week 16

Hey, my makeup enthusiasts! I hope that your start to the new week is fantastic! If you have been following my A Palette & A Partner series you know that the purpose of this weekly featured post initially was to begin rotating through a rather extensive palette collection. Ideally, I take approximately 4 palettes with different yet complimentary color selections to utilize for a full 7 day period. I pick out the palettes on Sunday night and use my inventory spreadsheets, complete with name, brand, category (luxury, high-end, affordable, etc.) and date purchased, to select the palettes for the week. I also pick out blush, bronzer/contour, highlighter, lip products and 2 foundations, which may stay in the rotation for up to 3 weeks depending on the circumstances and the amount of product usage.

Now entering week 16, I am about 1/4 – 1/3 way through my eyeshadow collection. I know, it’s a ridiculous amount, but once you get over that and realize the effort I am making to really take advantage of my collection, you’ll be in the bleachers cheering me on! Moving forward I am going to be making adjustments to the rotation. For the entirety of this process, I have been working through my collection backward, meaning that have been rotating my eyeshadow palettes based on the purchase date, not current trend relevance. All my high-end, luxury, large palettes, and the majority of my affordable palettes are labeled from the date of purchase. I have been working through my palettes from oldest to newest, rotating categories and brands. Starting new week, I will be rotating in 2 of the oldest unused palettes, 1 newer palette based on trends and relevance,   and 1 palette that has already been through a previous rotation. I will continue to rotate through highlighters and blushes, starting from oldest purchased to newest and I will continue to rotate in two foundations. Due to the last two foundation rotations, I have already decluttered two high-end foundations that I will never be purchasing again. I kept trying to make them work, and I just couldn’t and that’s ok! If you have seen YouTube videos where beauty gurus “shop their stash” then you will understand this similar concept. Eventually, I will begin to rotate in single shadows, cream shadows, shadow sticks, eyeliners, and groups of magnetic palettes with single brands.

I hope that this makes sense to you guys and that I am explaining this clearly. Well, check out this week’s group! Have a great makeup week!

Week 16 Group!

Estee Lauder Double Wear (3N2) &
Too Faced Born This Way (Golden)

Rotating into this week’s group for the second time,
Lorac Pro 1

Sonia Kashuk – Eyes on Neautral 02 (Matte) &
Sonia Kashuk – Eyes on Neautral Shimmer 03

Makeup For Ever – Artist Palette 9 Volume II

Natasha Denone – Blue/Purple Palette 28 pan


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A Palette & A Partner – Week 15

Hi, Guys & Gals! I am so excited that I am stepping into week 15 of this series and I am really getting a decent amount of use out of my products. I am even more encouraged because I have introduced lip products and foundations into the weekly rotation. That small adjustment has lead to the decluttering of two foundations already. That’s super important because now I can sanitize those foundations and donate them to women who are in need, so that’s an amazing result of this rotation effort.

So, let’s  get something out of the way. I need to address a palette that is in this week’s rotation. The Beauty Killer by Jeffree Star Cosmetics. I do not support this company nor endorse any of the owner’s behavior. As a person of color, I think it is important to stand strong against oppression and the degradation of minority groups, even if the person who is inflicting hate is marginalized themselves. I purchased this palette before I knew anything about Mr. Star and I am confident in my research that he is not someone I feel comfortable giving my hard earned coins to, however, I have the palette now, and I am going to use it. I am going to rock these colors on my beautiful brown face because I can and because nothing should impede me from expressing myself. Returning the palette would actually give him the victory. Have you ever been in a room with someone who dislikes you? Don’t ever leave the room….strut into that room with your head up and chest out and own that piece. That’s what I am going to do….
Week 15 Rotation!!
Urban Decay – All Nighter (7.0) &
Tarte – Rainforest of the Sea (Tan Sand)
Jeffree Star Cosmetics – Beauty Killer

BH Cosmetics – Studio Pro Palette

Persona – Identity Palette
Natasha Denona – Palette 5 #4

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Bougie Brie”s Monthly Best in Beauty – June Fav’s

Hey there guys! I am starting to create different “series” on my blog to continue to bring fresh perspective and information about all products beauty and skin care related. So, over the next few months, you will see a variety of theme-related topics to create a congruent structure to my blog. So, keep an eye out for upcoming subjects, and my hope is to post every single day except Sunday (day of rest). On to the first of many theme-related experiences for you, the reader – Bougie Brie’s Monthly Best in Beauty!!!

For this segment, every month I will be bringing you my favorite beauty and skin care items.  I think it will help give both of us a better idea of what the average consumer values, and maybe you just might be interested in my thoughts on different products. This will include items from drugstore to luxury and everything in between. Why don’t we get into it and find out what I loved in the month of June?

First up, Too Faced’s Foundation Powder in  Medium Tan. I have had the powder since last early Fall, and because I have so many, it didn’t get as much attention as it deserved. Due to some changes in my skin and its texture and oil production, I needed to use a powder that provided more coverage and this product happened to be an excellent match. About two months ago, I started using this powder religiously and in the beginning of June, I hit pan. Check out the damage I did using this product in June! 

Too Faced – Foundation Powder in Medium Tan

Not only hit pan…destroyed it!

The next product came as a free gift with purchase when I purchased several Essence products from Ulta. I have trouble with powders that claim to be translucent because they often leave a “white cast” on my skin, which makes me look washed out and photographs horribly. This product interested me because is claimed to be mattifying and with Summer here in Texas, that appealed to me greatly. I have been using it more as a finishing powder. I set my under eyes with the Sacha Buttercup Powder and the rest of my face with some type of foundation powder. Then I use this powder to really mattify my look. The good thing about this powder is that it does not create a powdery look on my face, but allows it to be smooth.

Essence – All About Matt Fixing Compact Powder

I have been rockin this foundation as often as possible, especially in the month of June. The color match is spot on and the finish is more of a satin’/matte finish. Maybe I should call is semi-natural. Yes, that’s it – semi/natural. I love how light this foundation feels and I am uber impressed with the selection of colors, the price point, and the overall performance. I have a feeling that I will be using this foundation all Summer. Thoroughly impressed and another home run for Wet n Wild!

Wet n Wild PhotoFocus Foundation in Caramel

I am a huge Colourpop fan! When I began invested my time, energy and finances into beauty products, Colourpop was definitely on my radar. I 💓Colourpop’s Super Shock Eyeshadows. I have depotted many a Super Shock Shadow and put it into a magnetic palette (I think I have 7 magnetic palettes with Super Shock Shadows) and I also have backups of my favorite shadows. When  I received this Colourpop Blush in a Poshmark Haul, I was a little hesitant because I know how pigmented Colourpop’s products are. I put this blush in one of my weekly A  Palette & A Partner groups, where I select different products that I have not used and use them for an entire week, and was very surprised at the blush’s performance. Even more important, the color was stunning. I absolutely love how wonderful this cheek color looks on my skin and it applied beautifully.

Colourpop Blush – Quarters

The last two products are definitely my absolute favorites for the month of June. As many of you know, I have my collection divided into categories: High-End Regular Palettes, High-End Small Palettes, Large Palettes, Luxury Palettes, Affordable Palettes, & Drugstore Palettes. Sunday evening, when I create my A Palette & A Partner group for the week, I select different palettes depending on the amount used in each category versus the ratio of palettes used to total palettes in each group. I also consider each palette’s color selection and if they can be used in tandem, and the purchase order of the palettes.  Most often, I don’t get a chance to include a luxury palette, but this last month I was able to use these two beauties!!!! First, the Viseart palette….What the hell have I been using all this time? I didn’t even know that shadows could blend so effortlessly and beautifully. I feel foolish for waiting so long to purchase this palette, and even more foolish for waiting so long to use it. Shame on me. Secondly, you KNOW that I LIVE for Natasha Denona’s eyeshadows. They are hands down the most beautiful and pigmented shadows ever created on this planet. This palette is so damn gorgeous that I think it might be sinful. Just a stunning selection of colors, finishes, and textures, with the smoothest and easiest application of each shadow. So beautiful!

Viseart – 01 Neutral Matte

Natasha Denona Palette 5 – #09

I hope you enjoyed my June favorites! What were you loving in the month of June? Anything that I mention catch your attention. Leave a comment and let me know!

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A Palette & A Partner – Week 14!!!!

Week 14 Group!!! 
Too Faced – Born This Way Foundation &
Anastasia Beverly Hills Foundation Stick

Too Faced – Sweet Peach Palette 
BH Cosmetics – Summer Breeze Palette

Buxom – May Contain Nudity Palette

Bobbi Brown Palette

Wet n Wild – Comfort Zone Palette

Makeup Revolution – Triple Baked Highlighter
Golden Goddess
Wet n Wild Blush –
Mellow Wine